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If you have ever felt “less than”, which let’s face it – who hasn’t?  It might not be all of the time, but just every now and then.  Remember that we as women are strong and powerful.


 Woman rise free and strong

Don’t be subservient to a world all wrong

A world that says stay home and imitate a bee

The busy, busy worker bee

No! Woman you are wise, mighty and free

Free to be an amazing tool

Free to rule in whatever capacity

You choose to decree

That’s not to say

We rise and lose our femininity

It is to say, we stand proud

And claim our rightful place in society

A worker bee is simply that

A powerful creature in its own right

And so we don’t denigrate that little mite, but own

The premise that each creature

Stakes its place in time and space

So women of the world unite

And take a bite of that cherry

Taste and see how sweet

Sashay and move those dancing feet

We don’t need to run a home to

Show that this is our rightful place

We can choose to be whatever

We want to be or do

Doctor, lawyer, street cleaner

Creativity comes from within

It is divine and it’s your right

See that cherry – go ahead and bite!

Succulent and sweet its taste

Tarry for a while

Don’t haste

Woman you dictate your style!

© Marie Williams 2009