Love is a much-used word. What does it really mean though? Do you ever think deeply about what loving really means to you. Should we use it sparingly or should we spread it about liberally? Some people love hamburgers and some people love their partners. Is it the same sort of love or are there different shades of love? Is it possible to love your partner as much as you love a hamburger? Perhaps not, but we do tend to over-use the word love and why is this so? Maybe we ought to think carefully about what it is we are really saying when we use the word.

Here is my take on that much used word:


Love is like the sea
There are hidden depths
You never know how deep it is
If you only stick your toe in
Just think how much more
We have yet to discover –
Let’s jump in!

Romantic love can be
A source of pleasure and of pain
You have to let your spirit reign
With majesty yet humbly
In order to gain
The greatest gift humans can share –
Come on, let’s swim away!

And now we’re floating, like a boat
And now we’re diving – water in my throat
But that’s just how it is and will always be
Sometimes floating like a dream
Other times we want to choke
Unless we go for broke
And stroke this crazy emotion – we’ll be left standing on the shore!

© Copyright – Marie Williams – April 2009
Love is like the Sea