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Do you ever feel let down and confused about the behaviour of someone who has hurt you?  Do you ever struggle to piece together the reasons why you have been hurt?  I have come to the conclusion that there are some people who simply do not have a conscience.  They have no idea of the effect their behaviour has on their victim(s) and they do not care.  This is hard to understand for those of us who do care.  Should we feel pity for those people who do not have a conscience?

No Conscience

How do I speak to you

When you have no conscience?

It is impossible for you to hear me

You might hear the words

But I may as well be silent

Go quietly into the night

You feel no guilt

No sadness threatens to ruffle your peace

But alas I feel the guilt

And longing for love lost

Those two stand strong

Resting heavily on my mind

But your mind is free

You cannot see

What you have done to me

Can you?

Because you have no conscience

And hence, I am tense with fear

Why can’t you hear?

If you could hear

And if my words touched your soul

Wouldn’t that make us both whole?

Think how appealing in terms of healing

Our lives would be

If you can hear me

Copyright  Marie Williams – July 2011