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I’d like to think of myself as an individual with my own identity, thoughts, feelings, ideas.  But I think my very essence is made up of the people who created me and I am the sum of all of their identities, thoughts, feelings and ideas.  Whether I like it or not, the very core of me reflects my parents.  How can it be otherwise?  Is it not the same for everyone?  Although this might be the case, how I choose to be and to live my life is down to me.  I have the choice to reject or to accept those parts of me which validate who I really am.  I HAVE THE CHOICE AND SO DO YOU!

Who am I?

I am my mother’s smile

I am my father’s anger

I am my mother’s calm

I am my father’s rage


I speak my mother’s pain

I speak my father’s loss

I speak of what remains

I speak of plenty and of dross


I lived my mother’s happiness

It wasn’t hard to do,

I also lived her real distress

It was my undoing too


I lived my father’s struggle

I lived my mother’s peace

I lived for harmony: sweet release,

I lived ‘twixt heaven and hell


Who am I, then?

That’s the question:

Smile, anger, calm, rage

Pain, loss, happiness,

Struggle, peace, sweet release,

I am the sum of all of these.

That’s who I am.


Copyright Marie Williams – August 2009