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I’m sure we all have people in our lives who exert/have exerted a certain amount of power over our lives.  When this happens we feel that we have no power.  We are subject to their whims and manipulative tendencies.  As children we are unable to fight back, to stand strong, to exert the power which is very much an intrinsic part of our nature.  Power does not have to be a nasty word although it can seem this way when we are the victims of another person’s control.  Those of us in powerful positions e.g parent and child, should use that power wisely.  Do not use that power violently, spitefully, mockingly, cruelly.  Take power over the power you have and be kind, thoughtful, compassionate, understanding and above all, realise that taking power and control is everyone’s right.


The Mathematics of Power

Power plus control equals pain

Power minus control equals harmony and strength

Power plus control plus pain equals fear

Power divided by two

Gives me and you

The chance to enhance

A balanced relationship


Control decides who takes the lion’s share

It becomes the snare

In which the other is trapped

I didn’t want that for you and me

But sadly that became my reality

You had the power; I supplied the fear

I held you dear; you did not!


Now we are so much older

I could not do the maths then

Children often struggle

Literally and physically

Now, I have the power

Power minus control

Equals harmony and strength!

Copyright  Marie Williams – July 2009