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There are always going to be days when we find ourselves in situations which can only be described as “heavenly”.  Some years ago I sat on a hotel balcony in Cyprus, basking in the heat of the sun, feeling happy and relaxed.  I glanced around and admired the view and my surroundings and it occurred to me that I was experiencing my heaven.  It occurred to me that heaven doesn’t have to be a far off place, in another dimension.  Heavenly feelings and thoughts can be experienced in simple things – it can be right now, right here …


Heaven is not in the sky

Heaven is where I want it to be

Heaven is here on the balcony

Heaven can be there walking by the sea


Heaven is to the right of me

Heaven is to the left of me

Heaven surrounds me

I must not go looking

I must not go searching


Heaven surrounds me

Heaven is in a beautiful flower

Heaven calls me in a church tower

Heaven beckons me with angelic fingers

Pointing accurately to the shores of infinity


Heaven’s door never closes

I can approach it in small doses

Or I can jump in fully clothed

In moments of sanity or even insanity

And bathe in the glorious swell of its tidal wave


Heaven chooses me

Heaven doesn’t exclude me

Heaven is where I want it to be

And for that I am thankful


© Marie Williams  July 2009