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Stephen D Jennings post “Violence is Never the Answer” has prompted me to reiterate and reinforce my view. My best Christmas present of all would be to know that everyone would subscribe to this. This and my last post are really depressing, I know, especially as this is a time when we’re filled with anticipation for good times over the festive season. But I hope everyone will see that my heart is in the right place. We need to keep sending this message until it is finally heard.

Steven D. Jennings

When is it okay to spank your child, to slap their hand, to pull their hair, or to beat them with a stick?

According to Adrian Peterson, and millions of others, these actions are okay if your child pushes down another child, or misbehaves.

This topic angers me! It is NEVER okay to inflict pain on a child. PERIOD! Spankings are not okay. I don’t care what a child does…there are other, more effective remedies.

Adrian Peterson said he got flogged as a child. So what! That doesn’t make it okay. Now look at him. He’s flogging his child…and could end up in prison for it.


For all you parents out there, DO NOT hit your child. How could you? How could you hit someone you love sooo much?

Instead, show patience, love, and understanding as you impose effective, non-violent discipline.

Take the time to…

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