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This morning, I woke and glancing at the ceiling, I thought I saw what looked like an angel wing on my bedroom ceiling.  I tried to convince myself that it was the way the sun-light shone through the window reflecting the pattern of the curtains on the ceiling.  But it was such a perfect shape of a feather and had me mesmerised that whether it was the light or whether it was a feather-shaped angel wing did not matter.  What was important was that it made me feel very good and very comforted.  I needed to put this feeling down on paper. Incidentally, when I switched on my pc this morning there was a poem called Angel Wings nestling between my emails – coincidence? The other thing is I meant to put this on my riceandpease website, but somehow it appeared here – so maybe that’s where it is meant to be!

Angel Wings

Softly glowing
fill me
with delight

Patterns dancing
shaped like
feathered wings
protect me
feeling safe

I believe
Angels watched over
last night

~Marie Williams