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I’m Marie. The reason I’m here is because I’m taking part in Blogging101 starting today, 5 January 2015. I have been blogging since mid October 2014 and have posted around 20 posts so far. I saw the scheme Blogging101 just before Christmas and it looked as if it was something that I would like to take part in because it offered help and advice on how to improve my blogging experience. I’m really excited to take part because I am relatively new to blogging and there are many things that I do not know how to do yet. I’m hoping that by doing the course I will be an exciting and interesting blog to follow!

So far with blogging I have been posting my poetry, which I’ve been writing for quite a few years. Since about 2009 to be exact. I’d like to continue posting poems but I’m also interested in dealing with topical events too – such as what’s currently in the news or things that I feel I’d like to discuss. I’m particularly interested in women’s issues and I’m also concerned about violence in the home.

I’d like to connect with people who also write poetry as well as those who comment on topical issues. In fact I’m willing to read just about anything that catches my eye.

At the end of the course, I’d be very pleased to have connected with others and built up good relationships with other bloggers. I’d like to be able to write and post confidently and I’d love to increase my following.