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Today is day 2 of Blogging101 and the assignment for today is to edit my site title and tagline. As you can see I have done this. I am no longer mariewilliams53 – sharing and caring and god knows what else. I can’t even remember what my tagline was and I only looked at it a couple of minutes ago, and I’ve been using it for the last 2.5 months. What am I like eh?

I sat for ages trying to think of something eye-catching and cool and have come up with this. I’m not sure if I really like this new site title and tagline, so I’m going to sit with it for a while and consider its merits. What would be wonderful is if I got some feedback from my faithful, lovely, devoted followers telling me that they think it’s good or if I should re-think this one. So please if you’re not too busy could you comment “Yes!” or “Go back to the drawing board!”.

What you say, will have a definite effect on whether I continue blogging or not. You don’t want that resting on your conscience do you? Do you?? :):)

Please remember that I am still Marie Williams (caring,sharing,hoping to inspire and motivate), but that my site title and tagline have changed as of today!

Update: Thanks to http://swimsonemile.wordpress.com, I have changed the tagline back to sharing and caring etc. I have to agree with her that this sounds much better. Thanks swimsonemile!