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I found today really demanding because I’ve never been told to do this as part of an assignment before. It’s all very well reading stuff that catches your eye and motivates you to read more, it’s quite another thing actually seeking out blogs and reading the content when you’d really rather not. This is really clumsily put so I hope I’m not offending any bloggers out there! It’s taken me the best part of this afternoon to accomplish what I set out to do today – I thought I’d only spend an hour on this task and it’s taken me over 3 hours. Perhaps I’ve done it too thoroughly – perhaps I should’ve only skimmed the articles, but hey ho it’s too late now to take that approach.

So here’s how I got on today:

My 5 new topics are: 1. Transgender issues in “It’s not about you” – secretmom2013
2. Fashion – How to be a Ladyperson in the Holidays: 10 important tips – When I Blink
3. Poetry – An Open Letter of Love to Black Students – Black Space
4. Photography – The Stray Cats of Korea: a photo essay – The Goat that Wrote
5. Writing – What happens when you go Viral – lilyellyn

My 5 Follows are:

1. http://When I Blink.wordpress.com
2. http://Black Space.wordpress.com
3. http://lilyellyn.wordpress.com
4. http://Miriam Jacobs Poetry.wordpress.com

I’ve just noticed I did not make a note of the site for the 5th one but the title of the piece was “We talked to our Kids about Souls” and can be found in freshly pressed on the Reader. And now I’ve checked I’m not sure that I’ve made correct site details about the 5 follows. This is sloppy I know, and I’m not really like this, but I’m getting tired now. All of these sites can be found on the Reader, in freshly pressed, so do have a look if you are interested please.

Although I’ve found this task demanding and tiring, I’m really pleased to have discovered these new sites and topics. I also got the opportunity to make new contacts on blogging101 with other bloggers on this course and I loved your posts, which gave me ideas on how to set mine out – thanks!