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Blue hills

My Dream Reader

I don’t think it’s possible to have a dream reader personally. So instead of trying to think of what that person would be like, I have decided to abandon this task. Instead I’ll talk about a blogger who has become my guilty pleasure. This person has only come to my attention just before Christmas and I was absolutely blown away by his (damn, I didn’t mean to give away the person’s gender because I didn’t want him to guess who he was)writing. His style resonates with me because it is original and I just completely understand the messages he tries to put across in the most articulate and eloquent manner.

I would love to be able to write like him. I almost feel as if he is my mirror image, because the things he says sound like things that I would say, although I really do not have his talent at all. Firstly, I only speak English and this person is definitely bi-lingual if not multi-lingual. I greatly admire anyone who can write in English as well as another language and still be so fluent in both languages. When I read what he writes in his mother-tongue, I do not understand it, but his poetry speaks to me emotionally and the strange thing about it is that for me, this is all that’s necessary. What the words actually mean, become secondary, because for me the pleasure of his writing his visual and touches the soul.

When I first discovered him, I practically spent the whole afternoon reading all his poetry and just imagining what he must be like. To be able to write so sensitively, he must be a very sensitive person, very emotional and very connected with who he is as an individual and must also must have a generous soul in order to share his thoughts and feelings in this way.

Ok, so that’s this task done! I haven’t answered the question put, but I guess I’ve turned it around and I’ve become the dream reader. In conclusion, a dream reader for me has to be someone sensitive, generous of spirit, fluent, eloquent and articulate. Someone with whom there is a connection. I by no means encompass all those attributes myself, but my guilty pleasure does and I’m glad he’s out there!

By the way if you are wondering what that picture has to do with my dream reader thoughts – it has nothing. The second part of the task was to incorporate something new into my post and I wasn’t able to put a picture into it before – so with WordPress’s simple instructions I tried it and it worked. Yippee!! I know those of you who are seasoned bloggers and doing something like this must be like water off a duck’s back will probably not be at all impressed, but I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself for having achieved this.