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Love Your Theme: try 3 new themes.

Today is day 5 and it’s all about the themes. The task today is to to try out new themes, so I’ve done this. I am so obedient. At first I thought I’m very happy with the Chateau theme and don’t really want to change it. However, it’s always good to rise to a new challenge and I liked quite a few themes: Koi, Bouquet, Love Birds to name a few. Koi was pretty and appealed to the artistic side of me – loved the squiggles and flourishes, but wasn’t sure that it supported the things that I’ve written about or would like to write about in the future. Bouquet also grabbed me – loved the colours. I find pink quite energising. But on second thoughts the layout wasn’t what I wanted. I skipped back to the Chateau theme and drooled over that for a while before looking at the Love Birds theme. A lot of ahhs and mmmms and ohhs later, I have decided to go with “Coraline”.

I am going to see how I get on with this and maybe change back to Chateau because it was my first love. I love the gallery style effect and whenever I typed a post I always imagined myself wandering down it. I even imagined that I was in a different century – say the 19th – in flowing gowns, wealthy beyond my present situation, off to take tea in the drawing room. I can’t do this with the above picture, but I do like the colour green and I love the droplets of water which for some reason I find really inspiring. Maybe it’s because I find that the colour green reminds me of new beginnings and growth and water is somehow reviving. Maybe subconsciously, I’m hoping that this new theme (for however long I remain faithful to it)will induce in me a spirit of energy, regrowth, and the ability to write with clarity and wisdom. Maybe it will be an antidote to writer’s block. A tall order I know!

I’m going to stop wittering on now, because there is only so much one can write about why they chose a particular theme.