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It’s day 5 of Writing 201:Poetry and the assignment is to use the following in a poem:

Today’s prompt: fog
Fog. Today’s word prompt can be taken in so many different directions: condensation on your car’s window. An eerie landscape (or streetscape) at dawn. Your glasses as you enter a warm room from the cold outside. The mental state of confusion, forgetfulness, or dementia. How will you introduce fog into your poem today?

Today’s form: elegy
Today’s form, the elegy, can trace its history all the way to ancient Greece. It started out as a poem that could be about almost any topic, as long as it was written in elegiac couplets (pairs of verse, with the first one slightly longer than the second). Over the centuries, though, it became something a bit more specific: a (more often than not) first-person poem on themes of longing, loss, and mourning

Today’s device: metaphor


Not Alone

I’m not alone here where I stand
in fields of green my friend
You promised you would always stay
close by no matter where I am

If I could touch your warm hand
And feel your white breath
Rising slowly upon the cold morning air
Glimpse your misty presence near

I would raise my eyes to the sky above
My hesitant heart would laugh
And my soul, ethereal fingers outstretched
Would touch your face once more