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Emotions are such powerful feelings. Anger, sadness, joy – we all feel these at some point in our lives. How do we cope with overwhelming sadness? Should we strive to feel joyful all the time? I really don’t know the answer to these questions, but I know there is an inner well of support which can be called on and this can take the form of words. It is amazing how words strung together can lift you. Words can come from within and without (listening to others or simply reading what they have to say). My Lighthouse Waits for Me does exactly this for me:


Today we talked of floating in the sea
Of doubts and fears, and misery
We talked of love and peace and self
Together we made a pact to delve

Into how the future looked for me
And what I gained or lost from therapy
And how I felt that it would be
Where was I now in terms of safety?

My analogy came back deeply profound
Floating purposefully in the sea,
Clinging to my raft, but not desperately
From where I sat, I glimpsed the shore

She smiled and nodded thoughtfully
And with genius it seemed to me
Suggested with a twinkle in her eye
“Let’s aim to build a lighthouse for you to see”

“That would make your journey so much more
An easier passage for you to bear”
I brightened visibly at her analogy
So glad we were sailing in the same boat!

So there my lighthouse stands true and proud
Whispering silently it beckons me on
“Don’t give up now”, it says to me
“I’m here for you, your guiding light”

“Too long you’ve floated aimlessly,
In a rough and stormy sea,
Just keep your eyes focused on me
I represent peace and tranquillity
In your life”.

© Copyright – Marie Williams – July 2009
My Lighthouse Waits for Me