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Today’s assignment is to write a post which builds on one of the comments left by me on a post I read yesterday. As the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that I haven’t done any of the assignments this week bar this one. So I hadn’t commented on any posts yesterday, therefore in order to complete this assignment I read a few today and left comments on a few posts. But the one I’m going to write my post on today is Shower Thoughts(writing as Superishness) post about “Flower Power – Mood Upper” where she talks about the effect that flowers can have on your mood. She says: “I was not feeling the best today and just wanted to stay in bed. Afraid to move, afraid to think… this is one of those depressing days for me.

My mother in law who is such a lovely lady kept on checking up on me to see if I’m okay and asked me if I wanted to go with her to get some olives. So I ended up going anyway. Well it’s a bit of a diversion I guess so I can stop thinking about the demons (problems) in my head.

After my MIL’s errands we went to the Flower Power Garden and I was just at awe!. Flowers are just so beautiful that even my worries disappeared.”


Role Model?

Flowers are always
beautifully dressed,
they don’t interrupt or
speak over you.
They are stylish,
well bred, thoughtful and easy on the eye.
Their language is universal
They speak love
They speak gratitude
They say “sorry”
They give selflessly
Something to think about?